Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Fun!

I finished up a couple things lately--Tara's 'Hearts' quilt that she handed to me with a "no hurry" deadline finally had its turn on the long arm.  I love working on her quilts--the seams are pressed, her measurements are accurate, the top is squared up, and the whole quilt lies flat.  Her tops are a dream to work on--she does great work!  If you are the kind of quilter who "quilts by check" (rather than by hand or by machine), these are things that your long arm professional LOVES to see!  Ask your quilter for other tips to make their job easier.  My regular customers have a large Ziplock bag to put their next project into--it holds the top, batting and backing in one bag that won't get wet or dirty in transit to and from the customer, it's transparent so you can see what's in the bag, and it's re-usable!

Next quilt up on the long arm is another one of Tara's for her son, Andy.  He likes unusual colors and patterns, and he lovingly selected these fabrics himself.  He's my nephew, so he felt obligated to pester Auntie Karen to get his quilt done already...which he did last week.  :)

After this one, I have another six quilt in line to work on, plus the Watermelon Weave for Juana.  I'm going to be busy!

I also started the anchors weave, but haven't had time to work on it much lately.  I hope that I can finish it up this week to I can send it off to the new owner.

Quilt happy!
Karen, Ye Merrie Quilter

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