Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Late June Update

I've been working on a few projects this past couple of weeks.  Besides the yurt, which is a personal project, I've had time to finish a few jobs in the world of softer fibers.

This tunic was made for a friend of mine on commission.  He joined the SCA just a couple years ago and needs some good period tunics, and I am thrilled that he chose me to get him suited up!  The tricky part is that he lives in the Midwest and I'm on the coast.  Thank goodness for email and the USPS!

All the seams are finished to prevent unraveling and increase the life of the garment.  As long as he doesn't change sizes, this should fit him for a long time.  I was really happy to find that I already had a spool of thread in my stash that matched the tunic perfectly!  The fabric is 100% linen and was pre-washed to prevent further shrinkage and warping later.

Since it's officially summertime--according to the calendar, anyway--it's time to start knitting Turkish socks!  I don't know why, but last year about this time, I was motivated to make Turkish socks...and here we are again!  These are for myself, but this is a great period accessory to add you your ensemble!  This pair is being made from 100% alpaca yarns from Norway and the pattern is called "Mirrors" from the Fancy Feet book.

Here's a quilt that I finished for the American Heroes quilt project.  These tops were made by other quilters and volunteers, like myself, quilt up the tops up and hand them off to the next person for binding.  These quilts are given to the soldiers returning from war at Madigan Hospital in Tacoma.

Detail of the quilting and blocks.  I did a medium loop-de-loop all over the surface.  It went really well and things were stitched down  smoothly.  

Today started with a tune-up on the long arm frame.  Several of the fittings on the ends of the rods had wiggled loose over time, so a quick tightening with a wrench and we're ready to go!  A new quilt is up on the racks now, ready for quilting!

Have a great summer!
Karen, Ye Merrie Quilter

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