Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shop Hop!

I went on the Western Washington Shop Hop this weekend with my good friend "Chicken" Linda and my middle kid, Cammie.  Although she has not quite reached the double-digits, Cammie is already an accomplished quilt maker and pattern designer--at least, for her age, I think she's quite accomplished!  She has a talent for very creative designs that she draws out and reproduces in fabric, which I helped stitch down.  I hope that she learns even more this year and has samples to show next year when we go on the 2012 shop hop!  

Shop Hop is a great time for the camaraderie of quilting friends, exploration of new ideas and techniques, and of course, supporting your local quilt shops!  I filled my mental files with lots of new and interesting ideas, took lots of pictures, and purchased some patterns and books for future projects.  I'm inspired and can't wait to start on some new projects...or finishing some old ones!

Just before I headed out to do the Shop Hop, I finished this American Heroes quilt.  The pattern is an all-over loops and stars pattern (not sure what the white dot is to the far left--I think it was lint on the camera lens--it certainly wasn't something on the quilt).  I have three more to go in the pile of quilts for this great organization!

Stay Merrie!
Karen, Ye Merrie Quilter

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