Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Recent Projects

This is a quilt I'm very excited about...because it's MINE!  I swapped these blocks online several years ago and finally got them into a completed quilt top, added some hourglass blocks as a border, and used scrappy blues as the outer border.  I then quilted a very detailed pattern all over the surface.  I love the way it turned out and I'm so excited to get it finished and on my bed for the summer.  It measures 105", which is about as big as I can comfortably get on my machine.  I have had one that was 110", but it was much more awkward to work with, and once a quilt was 114", but I had to quilt most of it, then shift it over to finish one of the borders that I couldn't reach with the machine.

This is a great detail shot of the quilting pattern I did on the sawtooth stars.  I used plain old white thread, but the quilting was very dense and really makes it pop!  It took about seven hours of quilting to finish, though, and it required that I take several breaks to get the kink out of my neck.  I'm not sure what I would charge for something this detailed...probably 2 or 3 cents a square inch.  I don't normally like charging that much, but this particular one was very time consuming.

Just laying the next quilt on top of the first, this is a quilt I finished up for Kathleen.  I LOVE the background fabric, which looks like the old fashioned marbled paper that they used in books.  I believe that this Irish Chain was a store sample that she needed for a class she taught.  Now that the class is over, she decided it was time to get it quilted up.  

This is a little thing from Donna.  This little patriotic table topper measures about 20" square.  I covered it with a stipple of stars and ribbons (stripes?).  I believe that this is a gift for her mom.

Pat, from one of the guilds, gave me this one to finish as a gift for her husband.  It took some time to find just the right quilt pattern, but the day before it was due, I found the right one.  I got it to her just in time for her to put the binding on it and present it to him for their anniversary.

I've also been making socks.  I have a couple pairs that I have already made and sent to the new owner, but here is a sample I made for myself.  These are a reproduction of simple 16th century women's stockings.  I later made garters to accompany them--because the did not have ribbing stitches, the stockings did not stay up well on their own.  For a picture, yes, but once you begin walking around, they're at your ankles almost immediately.

Here is a little quilt that I quilted up for Michele--it was a round robin that she did in another guild.  I did a different pattern for each round, but sadly, I don't have any detailed pictures of those.  Wasn't really thinking ahead, there....

I have been working on some other quilting projects around the house recently, mostly from my stash.  These blocks started from a collection of 6" charm squares that were traded in our guild.  I cut a few extras of the ones that I had used to trade and made these split 9-patch blocks.  With some difficulty, I found this was the most pleasing arrangement.  Perhaps with more blocks and colors, I would have made something that I would like even more.

This quilt was made from donated fabrics to the guild which I made into a lap quilt or maybe something big enough for a toddler or elementary school kid.  Most of these quilts get donated to the local Children's Hospital to be given to kids who have extended stays at the hospital.

This was just a few pieces that were left over that I made into a matching doll quilt.  This is also donated to local charities.

This is a costume I made for my daughter for a school activity.  She required a pink kimono, which I made from some linen that I had set aside for our history society.  I wasn't sure what I was going to make out of it, but this seems to be the perfect thing!  

More soon,
Ye Merrie Quilter

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