Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of March

Michele's quilt is the most recent project off the frame.  She requested this lovely flannel piece to be quilted with sharp angles and have the initials sewn into the center square.  I think this is for her nephew, who was born recently.  It's very soft and cozy and quilted up very nicely!

JuJu's belt is a commissioned piece.  She wanted something that looked like watermelons with dark green on the outside, light green and pink on the inside and a black center.  She's very excited about this being done and I hope to get it passed on to her soon.

Also I finished Tara's two other quilts--another Packer's Quilt, Andy's Funky quilt, and the Hearts quilt.  Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of two of them before they went on to their homes.  The Packer quilt is a late Christmas gift, that is finally on its way to Wisconsin.  The quilt top was sent to me in November, at the same time as the previous Packer quilt, but then a health emergency in the family delayed the Christmas celebrations.

For Donna, I finished a Christmas quilt top.  She requested that I use a specific batting--Quilters Dream--which I sourced and tried on the frame.  It worked fairly well, but it was thinner and needed gentler handling.  I had once before tried the Green batting, made from recycled plastic bottles, and I really hated it.  Most of the thin poly batting stretches too easily with the handling required for loading up on the machine.  I have lots of ideas for redesigning this frame, but I don't have the capability to make significant changes.  But, oh, if I were to work with one of these manufacturers!

Several more projects await...more photos to come!