Friday, April 12, 2013

Hip Deep in Charities

I have several quilt tops that have crossed the machine recently.  Starting with this auction quilt that my sister made for her daughter's school.  The kids in the school made the white blocks, adding images and their favorite scriptures, and she off-set it with a pieced border and sashing between.  It spent so little time at my house that I didn't have a chance to photograph it when it was finished.  

Then my customer, Linda D., called me up and asked if I had time to do a pair of baby quilts.  Not for a pair of twins, but for two friends who are having babies at the same time.  One is known to be a girl, but the other is of unknown gender.  So the first she made with green and pink, so I quilted it with loose artsy roses.  It quilted up like a dream, and I added the flannel binding to the edge.  The flannel was a little trickier to work with.  Grrrr...

The second baby, due to its unknown status, is going to receive a more gender-neutral color combination.  The quilting is similar, which I told her could be roses or snakes...depending on the gender.  The outer border is black minkee, which has some issues with stretching.  The blue binding went on easily, although there was just barely enough of it.  

 Lauri gave me a quilt to work on for a raffle for a cancer fundraiser.  I don't recall which organization it is supporting...sorry.  

I also put my daughter's Girl Scout quilt on the frame to finish up that quilt for her.  It still needs binding, but she's very excited that it's almost done!  I have to dig around and see what I have for binding fabric.  I think I have enough of one of the green fabrics I used on the back.

 The most recent project, I've been quilting up some pieces for Quilts of Valor that were brought to me by Kathy W.  She provided the tops and paid for the backing material.  I'm hoping that they can also spring for the batting, since that costs $8.50 a yard, but the time and thread I can happily donate.  There are five in this series...sorry they're sideways.  






Not sure what I'm going to do about my camera...apparently it got jostled around in my purse and now the screen is busted.  2/3 of the screen is black, so I can't see what I'm snapping and I can't turn off the flash now.  I just got it a year ago...frustrated that I may have to replace it already.

My next project may be quilting up the 9-patch scrappy top that I put together a few months ago.