Saturday, July 6, 2013

Raining & Pouring Quilts

As they say, when it rains, it pours...and it's pouring a little here!  I missed a couple weeks of working due to a back strain injury, which took a couple weeks to heal up, but now I'm back to work, catching up to a bunch of deadlines that are upon me!

In no particular order, here are the items I've been working on for customers.  Pardon the blurry pictures--I need to make improvements to the hanging and lighting situation I've got here at Ye Merrie Quiltery.

Judy J., owner of Thread Mongers, asked me to finish up this quilt with one of the threads she sells in her shop, Valdani hand dyed color #86.  It's a 30 wt. thread, so it's about as heavy as the Signature thread.  Usually I use a 50 wt., so I had to make adjustments to the tension and speed, as well as waxing the tension discs a bit to help the thread glide through.

Since this was a Halloween-themed group of fabrics, it only made sense to sew a bunch of pumpkins and vines all over the surface!  I found this pattern on Leah Day's 365 Quilting Patterns, from her blog,  I love her site with the variety of patterns and videos on how to execute each of the patterns.  Here's a detailed shot of the quilting--very simple loops, circles and lines.

This is a quilt that is currently on the frame for Marlys, who is the mother of Linda D., the lady who brought me two baby quilts a couple months ago.  This is a gift for a grandson who is going off to college.  She made this flannel quilt in the school colors, and I'm quilting it with a medium stipple in the main body of the quilt, with some special details in the black border and corners.  More pictures will be posted later when this is finished.

Kathy C., a new customer, but the mother-in-law of an acquaintance in the SCA, sent me three quilts to work on.  This one is due back in her hands next week, but I'm having trouble connecting with her.  Payment apparently got lost in the mail, so I've been waiting to mail it to her.  Hopefully it'll arrive Monday so I can get it back to her in time for the auction or raffle that this will be in.  This has just a basic stipple all over.

This is the second of three quilts for Kathy C., also finished fairly quickly using a modified rose pattern from the 365 site.

Details of this quilt show the pattern of roses; a squiggle roughly flower shaped and a spiral into the middle of the flower.

Karen M. handed me this amazing work of art to stitch feathers all over.  Having practiced on a King size quilt for myself, I felt confident that I could do it justice.  I did a slightly different feather with hers than I did with mine, but it seemed to call for it...or rather, it's just the way it started looking, so I went with it.  I have a belief that some quilts "talk" to you; not that I'm actually hearing voices, but I can envision what it needs.  The big trick is to get your vision executed into your project.

This looks more pink than it really is--I will have to make adjustments to the lighting that I use to take pictures, as well as a place to hang them up with good angles and light.  While this is hanging on the wall, it's clearly not tall enough to display anything this long and the lighting in this room is abysmally poor.  I am also not a professional photographer...I may have to ask a few photo friends for some tips!

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