Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quilts and Beads for Fall & Winter

This quilt was for Father Olsen's niece--his elderly mother made it entirely by hand and gave it to her granddaughter.  It's just GORGEOUS!

This is another beautiful quilt from Lauri.  I got this photo while it was sitting in a patch of sunlight.  It really glows like a stained glass window--it's so beautiful!  I should be returning it to her tomorrow.

Kathy C is the mother in law to a friend of mine who bought a gift certificate for Christmas last year.  It took several months before she finally called and brought over three quilts for me to work on.  This is one of them that appeared on my doorstep.  Somehow the other two didn't get photographed.

In the beadworks, I did a few commissions including one for Samira that she gave as a Christmas gift:

And one for Jadwiga:

I also made a bunch of beads for the SCA's Lampworkers Guild to be given as gifts.

I am also working on a weaving commission for a friend in the Middle Kingdom.  It has a Runic letter, Tiwaz, which is also the symbol for the god Tyr.

There are more projects coming, including the completion of a red tunic that will accompany the green tunic (that I don't have a good photograph of yet).  Enjoy!

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